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New Arrivals – Your Specialist Source for Natural Wooden Accessories, Wooden Postcards, Gifts, and Gadgets

Here at we stock a wide range of wooden accessories that combine the natural beauty of wood with stylish design and creative individuality.  Whether you’re looking for an unusual gift for a loved one or a striking accessory for yourself, our products deliver high quality at affordable prices.

Why Choose Wooden Accessories?

Our wooden accessories bring sustainability and a dash of quirkiness to everyday items from phone covers to sunglasses, showing a spark of originality that’s sure to be remarked upon by those you meet. And although our products are highly eco-friendly, there’s nothing unpractical and otherworldly about them: they’re useful, durable, and affordable as well as being good looking and friendly to the planet.

Our range includes items made entirely from wood, alongside products with a wooden finish or decoration for that individual final touch. Many of our items are handmade, and all are of the high quality you expect.

Our Range of Wooden Accessories

You may be surprised about the kinds of wooden gadgets, gizmos, and decorations that are available. Our products cover the spectrum from highly practical items for everyday life, to original and attractive decorations, to unusual and unexpected gadgets such as wooden USB flash drives. Our wood product categories include:

Wooden Phone Accessories

From iPhone covers and cases to smartphone stands and docks, our wooden phone accessories bring together the most natural looks and sustainable style with the latest in technology.

Wooden Sunglasses

From original vintage elegance to cool mirrored aviators, our range of sunglasses with wooden frames make the ideal fashion accessories for a modern, sustainable lifestyle.

Wooden Watches

A choice of timepiece says a lot about a person, and our wooden watches will speak volumes about style and originality. We stock a full range of women’s and men’s wooden watches in luxury styles at everyday prices, made from attractive materials including natural wood, dark wood, and renewable bamboo.

Wooden Wallets

Money may not grow on trees, but our wooden wallets provide a unique way of carrying your cash. From handmade women’s clutch wallets with intricate decoration, to practical and hard-wearing natural wooden wallets for men, our range provides an ethical alternative to leather and a sustainable alternative to plastics.

The Sustainability Benefits of Our Wooden Products

Wooden gadgets, accessories, and other products offer many benefits to the environment, a factor which is increasingly important for today’s shoppers with an eye on sustainability. Here are just some of the advantages wooden accessories bring to the Earth.

– While it’s growing, wood takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and locks it into the product for its usable lifetime.

– Far fewer pollutants are released during the manufacture of our products, in comparison to using plastics and metals.

– Less energy is used when making wooden accessories.

– Wood is a fully renewable resource, with our materials coming from managed plantations.

– Wooden products degrade organically at the end of their life.

Reasons to Shop with Us

You can buy wooden accessories from us using a full range of convenient and secure payment methods, including PayPal and credit card. Your choice of wooden accessories will be shipped to you wherever you are, using our free delivery service to over 200 countries worldwide. And if you’re not happy with your wooden goods for whatever reason, contact us to arrange a refund or replacement order with no quibbles or arguments. Lastly, we take your privacy extremely seriously, so your details are safe with us when you buy online, and our site is powered by fully secure systems.

Wood Accessories Are a Clear and Natural Choice

Combine the many environmental benefits of sustainable materials with the undoubted aesthetic style, class, and originality of wooden gadgets and gifts, and it’s an unbeatable combination. Whether you’re looking for an unusual birthday present, or an everyday accessory for a sustainable lifestyle, shopping at is a clear winning choice for both you and the environment.

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